One of the best things about being a student in Prague is the sheer amount of history that the city holds within every building and around every corner. Prague has such a rich and remarkable past that we can all learn from, and what better way to do that than to visit one of Prague’s many museums! As students in Prague, though, we know you’re on a budget, so we’ve put together the following list of museums in Prague with free entry for you to take in and enjoy: 

National Museum

The National Museum, which you will find perched at the top of Wenceslas Square right in the center of Prague, is the biggest and most famous museum in the city – so of course, as a student in Prague you will want to check it out! 

The National Museum has a wide selection of both long-term and short term exhibitions for you to enjoy. The current long-term exhibitions include displays of different aspects of Czech history, such as “Czech Folk Culture” and “Crossroads of Czech and Czechoslovak Statehood”, while the short-term exhibitions are subject to change pretty frequently so you’ll want to check their official website before your visit.

Now let’s get to the free stuff: the National Museum has free admission on the first Monday of each month, so be sure to take advantage of it during your semester in Prague! 

Lobkowicz Palace

The Lobkowicz Palace, located close to the Prague Castle, features exhibitions on the history of Europe through the lens of the prominent Lobkowicz family. The museum features artwork dating back to 700 years ago as well as family and royal portraits, porcelain, musical instruments and more. 

Students in Prague get a discount on admission to this museum anyway, but the museum is free of charge on the first Wednesday of every month. Check out their official website for more information.

National Gallery

The National Gallery is located in Prague 7, just across the river from Old Town. Students in Prague will be especially interested in this museum because of the variety of modern exhibitions it has to offer. 

The National Gallery’s most famous portion is the Trade Fair Palace, which houses modern Czech artwork dating from 1930 until the present day. The National Gallery has free admission every first Wednesday of the month from 3pm until 8pm. They also have a full list of special free admission days here. For other information, look at their official website.

Museum of Music

The Czech Museum of Music is part of the National Museum but is located near the Prague Castle. This museum will be of particular interest to art students in Prague, as you’ll be able to see historical musical instruments on display, as well as learn how music was written for these different instruments. You will even get to listen to some of the music that was composed with these instruments. 

The Museum of Music has free admission on the first Thursday of every month. For other information, check out their official website.

Prague Castle Picture Gallery

This museum in Prague, with the entrance located in the courtyard of the Prague Castle, contains the art collections of Emperor Rudolf II. It holds around 4000 paintings from renowned European artists from across the continent. Art students in Prague definitely won’t want to miss this one.

The Prague Castle Picture Gallery has free admission on Monday afternoons from 4pm until 6pm, so check it out for a couple hours after class! For more information, be sure to look at their official website.

Prague Museum Night

The National Museum organizes an event called Prague Museum Night, which typically takes place on the second Saturday in June. On Museum Night, the city of Prague opens 45 museums and galleries usually from 7 pm until 1 am all free of charge – and as a bonus, the transport lines between the museums are also free during that time. The program of events and museums on Museum Night can vary each year, so be sure to check their official website for information and to plan your own museum route for the night.

There are many other museums in Prague that have special free admissions days that aren’t quite as regular as these, so be sure to check the official websites for the museums that you’re specifically interested in! And even if you decide not to go on a free day, most of these museums have discounts for students in Prague – so either way, you’re getting a good deal. 

If you want to visit some museums but you’re not sure where to start or where the best deals are even after reading this list, we’ve got your back! We are starting to organize our own group trips to the museums so we can all take in some of Prague’s history and culture together, paid for by us. If you’re interested in joining us on these museum trips or you want to get updates, sign up here.

Any other museums you think are worth checking out for students in Prague? Feel free to comment below! 


  1. The museum of Comunism is one of the most importants and I think it is interesting for students!

  2. I’m interested in exploring Prague’s museums with Oh my Prague, especially I would like to go on the guided tour of the Rudolfinum.

  3. I would like to go on the guided tour of the Rudolfinum

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