We’re sure you know this already: studying abroad opens up tons of new opportunities for students. After all, that’s why many of you chose to spend your semester here in Prague! 

Studying in Prague will give you a new academic experience – you’ll study topics that are completely new to you, you’ll be exposed to new languages, and you’ll meet tons of other international students in your classes. Maybe studying in Prague will open doors for your future career. Maybe you’ve simply always wanted to travel to the Czech Republic and you jumped at the opportunity to do so this semester. 

But did you know that according to a study published in 2014 by the European Commission, it can also open up opportunities in your love life? That’s right – forget Tinder for a minute and engage with your fellow students! 

The study found that more than a quarter of students who participate in Erasmus meet their long-term romantic partner during their semester abroad. And, according to an update posted on the Erasmus program’s official Facebook page just yesterday, it’s estimated that the Erasmus program is responsible for producing about 1.5 million babies! Talk about a match-making scheme. 

The study, based on interviews conducted with 88,000 students, teachers, and businesses, also found that a third of former study abroad students have transnational relationships, compared to just 13% of students who chose to forgo a semester abroad. 

The romantic potential of the Erasmus program has been gaining notice across Europe. In 2011, Italian novelist Umberto Eco claimed that this university exchange program has created the first generation of young Europeans and stated that all European citizens should try to integrate more outside their home countries. 

So take advantage of this potential during your semester in Prague! Go out, meet people, be social, and party with us! Who knows, you might just meet the love of your life. 

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