What’s one thing students constantly need? A source of caffeine, of course! Whether you’re trying to get some homework done, studying for an exam, booking plane tickets or trying to bring yourself back to life after that party last night, we know that coffee is a must for students in Prague. 

Lucky for you, Prague has a ton of cafes around the city where you can grab a cup of joe (or tea, if you prefer) and just chill out, whether you’re looking to get some work done or have a relaxing chat with friends. There are cafes and coffee shops around every corner but we’ve put together some of the best ones for students in Prague so you know exactly where to go: 

Friends Coffee House

Centrally located and reasonably priced, Friends Coffee House is a little known gem that you’ll definitely want to check out during your semester in Prague. Just a few minutes’ walk from Wenceslas Square at Palackeho 7, this cafe is spacious and hardly ever crowded. 

After you place your order at the counter, you can walk back through several rooms with totally different vibes: a greenhouse room with lots of natural light, a cozy living room area with couches and comfy chairs, or a meeting room that’s perfect for studying or working on group projects. No matter what environment you’re looking for, Friends will have it. 

The Miners Coffee & Characters

This trendy cafe in Prague just opened in March 2019 and has already made a big name for itself in the city. Located just off Jiriho z Podebrad at Slavikova 5 in Vinohrady, this cafe was opened specifically with people working from home in mind – so you’re guaranteed a great spot to do homework or research for your next trip abroad! 

The Miners offers several types of coffee as well as sandwiches and sweets, and they have some vegan-friendly options on the menu. With a great wifi connection, an environment conducive to young professionals, and a wide selection of coffee and food, this will become a favorite spot during your semester in Prague. 

Coffee Corner Bakery

Located in Vinohrady at Korunni 96, Coffee Corner Bakery is one of the coziest cafes in Prague! With a full food menu, cakes and other treats constantly being freshly baked, and delicious coffee, this is one of our favorites. 

Grab a comfy seat near the back and try a piece of carrot cake while you’re at it! It’s some of the best cake in Prague. Just be aware, this cafe is pretty popular and gets crowded pretty fast on the weekends, so be sure to make a reservation in advance for Saturday or Sunday.

Barry Higgel’s Coffee House

Located off the beaten path in Prague 7 at Tusarova 25, this tiny cafe is actually the sister cafe to The Miners. The smaller atmosphere and friendly environment makes this cafe in Prague one of our favorites. 

While they don’t have a full food menu, a selection of freshly-made sandwiches gets delivered here from the Miners every day and they always have some sweets on hand – we recommend the banana bread! 

Můj šálek kávy

Located at Křižíkova 105 in Prague 8, this is truly one of the best cafes in Prague. Their coffee tastes amazing, they serve delicious food (check out their weekend brunch!), and the inside is super trendy and colorful. This is the home of the Czech doubleshot roasters and they really know their coffee – if you’re not sure what to order just ask the staff! 

There you have it – all the best places to get your caffeine fix during your semester abroad in Prague. Do you have a favorite cafe in Prague that didn’t make it onto this list? Let us know in the comments!


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