Traffic Light Party

🕕Saturday 19.6. from 21:00
Official afterparty for Booze Cruise 2021!
🎟 Get your ticket to Booze Cruise 2021 to have free entry!
How does it work? Simple & Fun! At the entrance everyone gets FREE LIGHTSTICKS and OhMyPrague stickers in the colour of your relationship status.
🍀 GREEN = SINGLE, I’m just having fun!
⛔ RED = Stop, I am TAKEN!
🔥 The coolest underground club in Prague
🔊 TOP DJs playing the hottest Party Hits
🎧 3 floors – 3 different kind of music for everyone
Ticket price at the door:
150 czk with ISIC card
200 czk regular
This party will respect governmental restrictions regarding events organization
⚠️ In case of external checks, it is suggested to have:
🟢 – Proof of post-Covid immunity or
🟢 – Certificates of vaccination, or
🟢 – Negative Covid tests (up to a week) or
🟢 – Antigen test (max. 3 days old)
🟢 – A maximum of four people may seat at a table unless they are members of the same household
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IG: @ohmyprg // @levelscz

International Student Night

💥Week after week OhMyPrague! is throwing tremendous events at Chapeau Rouge. Let’s do it once again…
🙋‍International students
🔊 Music – good one across 2 dance-floors
🔊Underground stage -2: TBC
🎸DanceFloor -1: TBC
🍺Drinking – lots of it
📍At the legendary Chapeau Rouge Prague
👻Nothing less, nothing more
🎟Tickets at the door:
150 czk with ISIC card
200 czk regular
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@ohmyprg / @levelscz