5 cool cafes to study

What’s one thing students constantly need? A source of caffeine, of course! Whether you’re trying to get some homework done, studying for an exam, booking plane tickets or trying to bring yourself back to life after that party last night, we know that coffee is a must for students in Prague. 

Lucky for you, Prague has a ton of cafes around the city where you can grab a cup of joe (or tea, if you prefer) and just chill out, whether you’re looking to get some work done or have a relaxing chat with friends. There are cafes and coffee shops around every corner but we’ve put together some of the best ones for students in Prague so you know exactly where to go: 

Friends Coffee House

Centrally located and reasonably priced, Friends Coffee House is a little known gem that you’ll definitely want to check out during your semester in Prague. Just a few minutes’ walk from Wenceslas Square at Palackeho 7, this cafe is spacious and hardly ever crowded. 

After you place your order at the counter, you can walk back through several rooms with totally different vibes: a greenhouse room with lots of natural light, a cozy living room area with couches and comfy chairs, or a meeting room that’s perfect for studying or working on group projects. No matter what environment you’re looking for, Friends will have it. 

The Miners Coffee & Characters

This trendy cafe in Prague just opened in March 2019 and has already made a big name for itself in the city. Located just off Jiriho z Podebrad at Slavikova 5 in Vinohrady, this cafe was opened specifically with people working from home in mind – so you’re guaranteed a great spot to do homework or research for your next trip abroad! 

The Miners offers several types of coffee as well as sandwiches and sweets, and they have some vegan-friendly options on the menu. With a great wifi connection, an environment conducive to young professionals, and a wide selection of coffee and food, this will become a favorite spot during your semester in Prague. 

Coffee Corner Bakery

Located in Vinohrady at Korunni 96, Coffee Corner Bakery is one of the coziest cafes in Prague! With a full food menu, cakes and other treats constantly being freshly baked, and delicious coffee, this is one of our favorites. 

Grab a comfy seat near the back and try a piece of carrot cake while you’re at it! It’s some of the best cake in Prague. Just be aware, this cafe is pretty popular and gets crowded pretty fast on the weekends, so be sure to make a reservation in advance for Saturday or Sunday.

Barry Higgel’s Coffee House

Located off the beaten path in Prague 7 at Tusarova 25, this tiny cafe is actually the sister cafe to The Miners. The smaller atmosphere and friendly environment makes this cafe in Prague one of our favorites. 

While they don’t have a full food menu, a selection of freshly-made sandwiches gets delivered here from the Miners every day and they always have some sweets on hand – we recommend the banana bread! 

Můj šálek kávy

Located at Křižíkova 105 in Prague 8, this is truly one of the best cafes in Prague. Their coffee tastes amazing, they serve delicious food (check out their weekend brunch!), and the inside is super trendy and colorful. This is the home of the Czech doubleshot roasters and they really know their coffee – if you’re not sure what to order just ask the staff! 

There you have it – all the best places to get your caffeine fix during your semester abroad in Prague. Do you have a favorite cafe in Prague that didn’t make it onto this list? Let us know in the comments!


TOP student bars

Have you ever been so happy that you were excited for the holidays to be over? Probably not, and we know it’s all about PRAGUE! So brace yourself, because the time of your life is coming soon. Beginning is always tough but with our help your life will be made easier surrounded by amazing people in the best student bars in Prague. Here are our TOP picks:

Vzorkovna, Národní 339/11 – One of the craziest pubs in the city known as „The Dog Place” or “The Doggy Bar”. Entry is totally different than everywhere else. To make you feel like a social elite member, Vzorkovna opens the door for those who are patient enough, you have to wait for a special chip on which you can add money to pay at the bar. Crossing the gates makes the party start among dogs, artists, and great drinks served in mason jars. Prepare 50 CZK (2 Euros, 2.1 USD) and join the doggy world for a night. Expect long queues almost every day!

Hany Bany, Veleslavínova 58/5 – Not interested in a beer contest? No worries, we have something for you. This is a chilled, relaxed, and more traditional place serving a wide range of different alcohols in the atmosphere of a Czech hospoda filled with nicotine in the air and absinth in the blood. This is the right place to try this mysterious green liquor in the evening as well as fine coffee during the day. You can spend your time as you wish – even the owners ensure on their website that everybody can do everything in Hany Bany. Be free the Czech way.

Popocafepetl, Michalská 15 – One of our favourites! Although Popo is situated behind beautiful old town buildings you can’t miss it. This place calls you from the street. Cheap alcohol and long tables accompanied by lots of friends will never disappoint. Sharing great time with others is the main point – no desserts, no main meals, but cheap drinks and a lively dance floor 7 days a week. You might be disappointed that Popo Cafe doesn’t serve a typical food menu but one and half liters of sangria for 160 CKZ (6 Euros , 6.7 USD), Rum and cola for 57 CZK (2.1 Euros 2.39 USD) or the 22 CZK (0.80 Euros, 0.93 USD) beer definitely compensate for this.

Kontakt – Navrátilová 4 – It hasn’t opened yet but it goes straight to our TOP list. Built from scratch, it’s divided into two cozy floors with simple decoration and a WOW touch. With Sunday nights and many others booked exclusively for us,  Kontakt is set to be our second home, the epicenter of all OhMyPrague! activities and gatherings.

Second hand shopping? Let’s go!

We’ve been asked about shopping second hand clothes in Prague, here is a brief list:

Prague Thrift Store is the best!!
Fifty/Fifty Vintage on Slezska,
Aristokrat Vintage on Milady Horakove,

The ones called Textile House have a high stock turnover so there’s usually something good.

Try the one at Vrsovicka: www.facebook.com/textilehousesecondhandcz/info OR look for the other addresses in here www.textilehouse.net

Do you have more tips? Share with us in the comments bellow.

Oh My Prague! – Team

Prague Vegan/Vegetarian

Hello Veggie OMP people,⁣ for those looking for some no-meat options here are some tips :⁣

Mr. Banh Mi(chain, vietnamese baquettes, pho)
– Bageterie Boulevard (quick baguettes, soups, fries)
– Pasta Krusta (you choose your pasta + sauce)
– UGO – Ugova Salaterie (salads, fresh juices)
– Bombay Express (indian food)
– Wokin (you choose your noodles + ingredients)
– Loving Hut Czech (vegan open bar)
– Beas Vegetarian Dhaba (vegan open bar)
– Fruitisimo (juices, salads)
– Spicymama Quadrio (asian fusion food)
– Burrito Loco
– Modrý Zub – Thai food

Allegedly, the best vegetarian restaurants in Prague are MAITREA and Lehká Hlava – Clear Head

And some other recommended vegetarian places/bistros are PAPRIKA – Mediterranean Kitchen & Bar, Mamy food, EtnosvětPlevelIncruentiPastva, Country Life – Biopotraviny, Jídelna Kuchařek bez domova

If in doubt, consult Happy cow app It will guide you to the nearest vegan/vegetarian restaurant, salad bar or shop. https://www.happycow.net/europe/czech_republic/prague/

Cool libraries to study or work

Free places for studying and working with a laptop in Prague 📚📝💻

📌 National Library of Technology – free WiFi;
– classrooms;
– printing and copying services;
– computers;
– night study room (24 hour service);
– more than freely-accessible volumes of scientific literature, print journals, and access to electronic resources and eBooks;
– social and cultural center;
– exhibition hall, conference center;
– café;
– bookshop.

📍Technická 2710/6, Praha 6.
Mon-Fri 08:00-02:00,
Sat-Sun – opening hours may differ.
More info techlib.cz


📌 Jan Palach Library
– free WiFi;
– classrooms;
– printing and copying services;
– computers;
– scientific literature and print journals, electronic resources and hundreds of eBooks;
– social and cultural center;
– exhibition hall, conference center;
– café;
– bookshop.

📍nám. J. Palacha 1/2, Praha 1-Josefov.
Mon – Thu 8:00-20:00,
Fri 8:00-17:00
Sat-Sun closed.

📌 Municipal Library – free WiFi;
– computers;
– books, fiction and scientific literature, newspapers and print journals, electronic resources and hundreds of eBooks;
– children’s books and journals, children’s corner;
– social and cultural center.

📍Mariánské nám. 98/1, Praha 1-Josefov.
Mon 13:00-20:00
Tue – Fri 9:00-20:00
Sat 13:00-18:00
Sun closed