TOP student bars

Have you ever been so happy that you were excited for the holidays to be over? Probably not, and we know it’s all about PRAGUE! So brace yourself, because the time of your life is coming soon. Beginning is always tough but with our help your life will be made easier surrounded by amazing people in the best student bars in Prague. Here are our TOP picks:

Vzorkovna, Národní 339/11 – One of the craziest pubs in the city known as „The Dog Place” or “The Doggy Bar”. Entry is totally different than everywhere else. To make you feel like a social elite member, Vzorkovna opens the door for those who are patient enough, you have to wait for a special chip on which you can add money to pay at the bar. Crossing the gates makes the party start among dogs, artists, and great drinks served in mason jars. Prepare 50 CZK (2 Euros, 2.1 USD) and join the doggy world for a night. Expect long queues almost every day!

Hany Bany, Veleslavínova 58/5 – Not interested in a beer contest? No worries, we have something for you. This is a chilled, relaxed, and more traditional place serving a wide range of different alcohols in the atmosphere of a Czech hospoda filled with nicotine in the air and absinth in the blood. This is the right place to try this mysterious green liquor in the evening as well as fine coffee during the day. You can spend your time as you wish – even the owners ensure on their website that everybody can do everything in Hany Bany. Be free the Czech way.

Popocafepetl, Michalská 15 – One of our favourites! Although Popo is situated behind beautiful old town buildings you can’t miss it. This place calls you from the street. Cheap alcohol and long tables accompanied by lots of friends will never disappoint. Sharing great time with others is the main point – no desserts, no main meals, but cheap drinks and a lively dance floor 7 days a week. You might be disappointed that Popo Cafe doesn’t serve a typical food menu but one and half liters of sangria for 160 CKZ (6 Euros , 6.7 USD), Rum and cola for 57 CZK (2.1 Euros 2.39 USD) or the 22 CZK (0.80 Euros, 0.93 USD) beer definitely compensate for this.

Kontakt – Navrátilová 4 – It hasn’t opened yet but it goes straight to our TOP list. Built from scratch, it’s divided into two cozy floors with simple decoration and a WOW touch. With Sunday nights and many others booked exclusively for us,  Kontakt is set to be our second home, the epicenter of all OhMyPrague! activities and gatherings.