5 essential apps for your semester in Prague

Mobile stores offer apps related to everything we need, but how do we choose the most useful ones? Well you’re in luck, because here we are with our subjective ranking of five essential apps to have during your semester in Prague. Journey planners, food ordering platforms, language translators, and more – all these apps are accessible for both Android and iPhone. 

Beer Guide Prague – Let’s be honest, beer is always a good idea. There’s no better way to spend the evening than with a cold one in front of you. Since you’re studying in the Czech Republic, it’s easy to find an appropriate pub – but if you want to try the real taste of the country, Beer Guide Prague is definitely the solution. This app offers several locations in each district so you can choose whatever you like, close to your accommodation or your favorite metro or tram line. Mobile data is not needed to search for names and addresses. – https://beerguideapps.com/prg

Wolt – When we talk about beer, it’s obvious that food is the next stop. Imagine the middle of the night, getting back home after a party to an empty fridge – it’s the worst. This is where Wolt comes in handy. You can order food from a variety of restaurants all over the city: Czech traditional dishes, pizza, after-party-special kebabs, burgers, vegan food and much more. No worries and no need to even leave your home. The app allows payment by card. It’s also worth mentioning Wolt’s competitor: DameJidlo. Wolt’s delivery is usually faster and a tiny bit more expensive, but they also have more options than DameJidlo. – http://wolt.cz

DPP Info – This app is fully up-to-date with the Prague Public Transit Company schedules. Google Maps sometimes is not enough, considering there can be reroutes based on events or construction going on during your semester in Prague. DPP Info provides information about every piece of transportation and traffic in the city. Say goodbye to being lost or late. – DPP INFO

Duolingo – Dictionaries are definitely not the best solution when you need something more than dobrý den and děkuji. Google Translate helps, but it’s still not the best option. Have you ever thought about actually learning Czech? Duolingo is the solution for all you students willing to improve your language skills during your semester abroad in Prague. The app includes tests, word puzzles, and exercises that avoid boring, theoretical knowledge. It’s available in English and a few more tongues with courses not only in Czech, but in whatever language you prefer! – https://www.duolingo.com/

Like A Local – And last but not least, this application covers everything you need to know about tourist traps, local social life, recommended restaurants, pubs, and other cool spots. Like A Local gives you the opportunity to discuss and learn about the Prague experience with foreigners and, of course, locals. What’s more, this app is also available in many other cities, perfect for your weekend trips while you’re studying in Prague! – https://www.spottedbylocals.com/prague/

Have another helpful app you think we should add to this list? Let us know in the comments below!